Titansgrave - Origin

Alpha Hellion

The heroes continued their journey into the depths of the brewery with Keg-E guiding them towards the washrooms. Another group of Hellions failed to ambush the party as the PCs quickly noticed a trap and prepared for battle. The battle was swift yet costly as the acid from a Hellion’s grenade corroded Tor’s armor.

After dispatching the Hellions the PCs followed the last few sparks into one of the farthest chambers, the well room. It was there that they found where the Hellion life-force had been accumulating. An Alpha Hellion lay in within the well, consuming bucket after bucket of the Beer Baron’s best ale. The heroes jumped into battle with the drunken monstrosity and after several rounds with minor scrapes and bruises, the Alpha Hellion was destroyed.

The party returned to the Baron, collected their reward and rested for a bit before packing their bags and bidding farewell to their gracious host and new admirer. It was time to resume their journey into Nestora, seek out the sage Farkaya, and learn the secrets of the orb.


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