Titansgrave - Origin

Humble Beginnings

The party gathered at camp in the morning, discussing fragments of their past and reviewing the accomplishments over the last few months. In particular they reminisced about their first major victory. Weeks after escaping from indentured servitude, Rakon had found solace in a warm meal and good drink offered by The Bricks, a tavern owned by Flick Granger’s family. His peace would be cut short however, as his previous owner had tracked him down and arrived at The Bricks to collect his property. He entered the tavern followed by several thugs who began to assault Rakon. It was perhaps fate that other heroes of this adventure were there that day. Tor Blackfire, Feredir Shadshot, Flick Granger and his trusty companion Drogon all rose to Rakon’s defense. The battle was swift yet destructive. Rakon’s owner received a near fatal blaster shot from Feredir but in the last few moments he was able to escape. His thugs had not been so lucky. It was this moment that the heroes of this adventure realized what they could accomplish together and they were forever bound in loyal friendship.

As they all sat eating breakfast, the discussion turned from the distant past to the job in Malrath Village. It was there that the heroes received a magical sphere as a reward for saving the villagers. Unfortunately, no one in the village was able to identify what the orb actually was. To make up for that dissapointment, the villagers threw our heroes a grand party. During the feast, they had the honor of meeting Gurlock The Beer Baron. The Baron enjoyed the company of the heroes so much that he recommended they head to Nestora to both enjoy the comforts of the Pegasus Inn, one of his favorite establishments, and to seek out a sage named Farkaya who could help them identify the magical sphere.

The sun had already begun to set when the heroes arrived at the Pegasus Roadhouse, a three-story building that had stood since before the Chaos Wars and served many functions over time. For the past few decades it had been owned by the Theonus family and converted into a popular Nestoran Outskirts Tavern. Upon entering, the party found the inn to be completely packed. The party met Tain and Winnifred Theonus and enjoyed the night’s complimentary food and drink. Within an hour of their arrival, the party became unwitting participants in the Battle of the Boasts, a local annual celebration to commemorate how Nestorans rose up against the Prophet Dahwan, starting the end of the Chaos Wars. Each of the adventurers regaled their accomplishments and portrayed themselves as heroes of the Chaos Wars, winning the crowd over.

Just as the revelers began to push beers into the hands of the adventurers, the door to the Pegasus Roadhouse burst open. Keg-E, the Beer Baron’s keg-robot, stood before the crowd alerting everyone that the Beer Baron and his caravan were under attack by White-Hawk bandits. The party jumped at the chance to rescue their friend, protect his caravan, and save the beer!


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