Titansgrave - Origin

Into Nestora

A cornucopia of culture, history, and architecture, Nestora has stood since before the Chaos Wars. The party quickly learns that the city-state is in a period of strife. Revolutions is painted on the walls and the atmosphere is tense. In response, the city is under heavy surveillance and guard.

Soon after arriving, a nearby explosion draws the PCs into a scene of chaos. Several Nestoran Guard trucks have been set ablaze following a mysterious attack, the drivers either unconscious or already dead. Countless other civilian victims lay in the street and the party quickly rushes to the rescue. The heroes break through a windshield, heal the severely wounded, and encourage the other civilians to assist in the rescue. Before the heroes can receive any praise, the Nestoran Guard arrives and clears the scene. In the heat of the moment a civilian verbally taunts one of the guards. He is quickly shot, a bag placed over his head, and thrown into one a Nestoran Guard truck. The message is loud and clear: back away from the scene. As the PCs make their way deeper in the city, they notice that the Nestorans have already moved on from the incident that occurred a few blocks away. They seem almost numb to it.

Before heading to Farkaya’s shop, the party decides to visit the other merchants since they are in the Market Square. It is there that they meet Salvin Green, a local blacksmith and entrepreneur. Salvin takes all of their orders for new armor and even begins work on custom armor for Drogon. Salvin was unable to repair Rakon’s wristwatch but, one of Salvin’s friends, a gnome by the name of Letch, quickly offers his assistance in the matter. Having left their valuables in the hands of complete strangers, the heroes decide it is finally time to meet with Farkaya.


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