Feredir Shadeshot

A Gun-Slinging Elven Merchant



Accuracy 2
Communication 2
Constitution 1
Dexterity 2
Fighting -1
Intelligence 1
Perception 3
Strength -1
Willpower 0


dad was a bounty hunter. had merchant shop as a front. trained me how to use a blaster at a younger age. mom was killed by someone unknown. dad is crippled and can no longer bounty hunt due to injuries with unknown killer. he maintains shop at home. dad didn’t want me to be bounty hunter, but only to be regular merchant. left on my own without his say-so, taking one of his weapons, and am off to find who killed mom.dad had relic from the Chaos Wars that was technological, but sealed with magic. It was an upper shelf item that he didn’t like to talk about. Bounty on someones mother. turned in to person, but felt guilty for turning her in, as I didn’t think she was guilty. But this was my deed that I needed to do to prove myself.

Feredir Shadeshot

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